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Fire alarm systems testing are essential: not only is it mandated by law, but it ensures your investment in that state-of-the-art emergency alarm infrastructure isn’t wasted.

You don’t need us to tell you that, in the event of a fire, your fire alarms are your first line of defence. What you do need us for, however, are our expert engineers. Fully trained and entirely versed in the complex regulations around fire alarms and their maintenance, they can help you achieve peace of mind – and produce that all-important paper trail on your behalf.

Fire alarm systems are simple in principle but often complex in practice. That’s why fire alarm systems testing needs to be undertaken regularly by qualified engineers. From testing the volume of the alarm sounders themselves, to a technical inspection of the system’s control panel, our engineers are thorough and circumspect. They also, naturally, issue the required certificate of inspection.


Why Choose our Fire Alarm Testing Services?

The testing procedure is subject to quite strict regulations, and each step of the test must be carried out properly and with due diligence for your premises to be in compliance with the law and with safety guidelines. From cables to detectors to break-glass units, our engineers will tick every box.

Likewise, we undertake fire alarm systems testing in such a way as to ensure as little disruption to your building as possible. If a test evacuation is required, we’ll tell you; if you’ll need to give your people notification of a test sounding, we’ll let you know. Often, a key part of this test is to ensure that the alarm can be heard in every corner of the building – so working together to make sure everyone knows what to expect is key.


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